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The Spanish Economy. An introduction is the first English translation
of a book that summarises the work of a wide range of teachers over
the last quarter century, rigorously and pedagogically explaining
features, achievements and limitations of the Spanish economy.
Their main targets are students and scholars of the Spanish economy in
the language of Adam Smith ; students and scholars who grow in number
within and outside of Spain : inside as a result of the
multiplication of bilingual groups in Spanish universities and outside
due to the lessons to be learned from the Spanish development model,
especially for emerging economies .
A quarter of a century of teaching lays the foundations of this book.
A quarter of a century that has become crucial for Spain and its
economy: both for the prosperity gained over many years and its full
incorporation in the process of constructing a united Europe and
because of the severity of the crisis that the economy has been
suffering for almost five years now. We hope this work could be of
help to face the problems and the formidable challenges ahead.

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