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During many years the grid computing efforts in Europe were focused at
developing the technologies and demonstrating them in the field
through pilot infrastructures. In time these infrastructures evolved
to become production oriented services supporting a wide range of
scientific applications. These international and regional
infrastructures that exist today are still based on the same
organizational and financial models. They are still much dependent on
European funds and based on the individual participation of research
organizations across Europe. Some of these infrastructures have found
ways to continue operating without external funding usually this
implies both a commitment from the partners to continue supporting
them and a considerable reduction of the associated development and
support activities. None of these models ensures the long term
sustainability of these grid services. This is clearly one of the main
obstacles to a wider adoption of these technologies. For new users
the learning curve and the effort required to adopt the grid
technologies is still high and frequently only makes sense when
considered as part of a strategic investment. Such an investment
requires confidence in the long-term availability of the grid services
and technologies.