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This Handbook on Spanish Civil Patrimonial Law is a concise and
accurate introduction to Spanish Civil Law. It is especially
interesting for students in degrees with an economic content (Business
Administration, Economics, Accounting and Finance, Tourism, etc.). It
is a basic text for students and teachers in the bilingual studies.
It gives a general overview of the Spanish Civil Law, focusing on the
economic aspects of the legal relations and institutions. That is, the
Handbook not only refers to patrimonial matters, but it also gives a
basic knowledge of the pillars of Civil Law. The person, the Law of
obligations, the Law of contracts, non-contractual liability, rights
in rem and even family and succession law are studied herein.But not
only is this Handbook interesting for students. Its clarity and
preciseness make of it a perfect tool for businessmen and lawyers with
foreign clients. This Handbook is a work which accurateness and
quality can be relied upon in the daily business practice.