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This is the English edition of the first marketing book in Spanish to
be adapted to the European Space for Higher Education, which has been
written with the new requirements of the recent official degrees in
mind. In addition to its theoretical presentation illustrated with
many examples, each chapter starts with a business situation, and
closes with a case study with practice topics, key terms and review
questions, along with related Internet links and specific
bibliography. In addition, teachers and students are provided with
complementary on-line material on the book's website:
This textbook presents the fundamentals of marketing, the market, the
consumer's environment and behaviour, the marketing research, and the
information systems. It later goes deeper into the marketing tools
(product and services management, pricing, communication, sales,
distribution and, lastly, the marketing plan), all supported by
examples and case studies. Chapters dealing with relationship
marketing, customer relations management, new communication
technologies and emerging marketing techniques have also been
Fundamentals of Marketing offers a modern approach, adapted to the new
teaching methodologies which will make both the teaching and learning
of the principles of marketing much easier

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