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An Introduction to Anglo-American Law offers an introduction to the
U.S. common law system. It explains the structure of the U.S.
Constitution, explores U.S. judicial systems, and introduces the
various U.S. sources of law. Dean Fine discusses the critical task of
using case law, including the defining principle of stare decisis.
Finally, Anglo-American Law summarizes dispute resolution processes in
the United States, with special emphasis on aspects of the U.S. civil
litigation system that are distinct to the Anglo-American system.

Toni M. Fine is Assistant Dean at Fordham Law School in New York City.
Dean Fine is also the author of American Legal Systems: A Resource
and Reference Guide and numerous articles on a broad range of topics.
She is the representative of the Garrigues Chair in New York City and
has lectured abroad in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Italy,
Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, and Spain.